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What we do

For over 20 years, we have provided tutors in the SQA Scottish Curriculum from our city services in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. Across Scotland, our tutors help high school and, increasingly, primary school students improve their confidence and grades. Alicja McIntyre, our experienced tutor services manager, will carefully assess your needs and match you with a tutor in your home, online, or at a mutually acceptable safe location.

How we do it

We recruit very good tutors who specialise in their exam subjects and deliver expert tuition. Our tutors are exceptional under and post-graduate tutors, teachers and senior academics. We specialise in Scottish SQA subjects, but we also provide tuition for English exam boards. We offer tutoring at all levels, including primary. When you need the best tutor fast, we respond quickly to assess the student’s needs and provide a tutor from the carefully selected options that best suit your objectives.

Why choose Scotland Tutors?

We find the best tutor for your needs at a fair price. There are no upfront risks or costs, instead you will receive an invoice after each month of tuition. Choose us because we are local, dependable and have a track record of success. Contact Alicja McIntyre right away to begin the process of boosting your confidence and grades.

Tuition Subjects and Levels

Scotland Tutors offers tuition in all SQA subjects as well as the English exam boards, from Primary to Nat5, Highers, A-levels, and University. The most popular tuition subjects in Scotland are mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, and European languages. It is widely predicted that demand for computing and business-related tuition, arts, and all humanities will increase in 2023 and 2024.

The rise of one-to-one online tuition has been the biggest change in Scotland in 2023. Prior to the pandemic, online tuition accounted for approximately 20% of total tuition hours in Scotland, with growth being steady and gradual. Despite initial school failures and the outbreak of the pandemic, one-to-one private online tuition has been a revelation for many, with students and parents citing the wider choice of tutors, convenience, security, and focus, as well as e-tools such as whiteboards and shared screens, as high on their list of positives. Most of the top Scottish tutors now prefer one-on-one online tutoring (download the Pros and Cons of online tutoring). Of course, we have clients and tutors who prefer physical, face-to-face tuition and if that is what will work best, that’s what we provide.

The best private tutors in 2023 for all exam subjects, whether online or in person, are in high demand, especially now that exam season is approaching. We’re already seeing savvy parents and students book tutors for the coming academic year, 2023/2024.  We can provide a dedicated Tutor with the right experience and subject expertise to achieve your goals, whether you need personal tuition at home or online. Contact Alicja McIntyre, our tutoring service manager, for assistance in making the best decision and locating the best option.

This is what our clients say

Communication with Edinburgh (Scotland) Tutors was excellent from our first approach and due to distance, we organised Skype Advanced Higher Chemistry sessions with Adam. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and always punctual. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service.


Lana was an amazing Biology tutor. Engaged my daughter from the start in a subject which my daughter found extremely challenging and covered all of the N5 coursework in an efficient and logical manner. My daughter has dyslexia and dyscalculia but Lana adapted her teaching style to suit without any issues. No hesitation in awarding 5 stars!

Heather O'Neill

Very friendly and had a good understanding of what our son needed to concentrate on and the tutoring helped with his English exam

William Shields

My son's tutor has been amazing. He has been such a great support for my son and his confidence has improved a great deal since having tutoring. I cannot recommend him highly enough.



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