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The service was established in 2002 in Edinburgh

Today the service has expanded across Scotland and beyond. The four locations cover all of Scotland, and we also provide one-to-one tutors across the UK. The four sister brands are Edinburgh TutorsTutors in Aberdeen and Glasgow Tutors and since 2022 Scotland Tutors. The original service was formed in 2002. After an initial period of growth, Edinburgh Tutors Ltd was registered as a Limited Company in 2008.

We are a local service and are the only tuition company of our experience to focus on the demands of the Scottish syllabus.

SQA Subjects Available 

How the Business Works

We pay all our tutors well according to their experience and qualifications. We invoice clients after their one-to-one tuition and we guarantee timely payment to our tutors irrespective of the payment status of their client. The business generally operates on a net profit margin of 7.5%, and on occasion, it is even less. That modest figure is not a problem as it enables us to pay well, employ locally and focus on our Scottish client base. We are registered in Scotland and 90% of our business is with Scottish students. Most of our tutors are SQA-focused and primary tuition is becoming increasingly important. Online tuition has been steadily growing in recent years and exploded during the pandemic. As we moved out of the imposed restrictions, initial concerns regarding online tuition evaporated and >85% (as of February 2023) of our customers look to this as the favoured option.

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Our philosophy and guiding principles

What makes us very different from other tuition providers is the personal care we take of tutees, tutors and parents:
Our first step is to discuss carefully, with you and your child, the areas in which you need the most improvement. Through a one-to-one relationship with your Learning Managers Alicja McIntyre or Joanne Baird, we will continue to support both you and your tutee throughout tuition. We are also different in that all of our tutors are interviewed and tested for their ability to tutor one-to-one.

We engage teachers, academics and undergraduates as our main body of tutors.

Our 20 years of experience in tutoring in Scotland has demonstrated that those carefully selected undergraduates have an immediate empathy with tutees based on their up close and personal experience of the exam subjects they are now tutoring. All have A-grades and are subject specialists, looking forward to top-flight careers when graduating from Russell Group universities.

We value our teachers and academic tutors highly. We engage superb teachers, post-graduates and academics and crucially, we believe in matching tutors to tutees, whatever the background and experience, to ensure the right tutor for the optimum outcome. All of our Primary School Tutors have the qualifications and teaching experience to work with primary age learners.

If you recognise yourself from the above descriptions, and you would like to consider tutoring with us, you can visit our tutoring opportunities enquiry page here.

The principal contacts are:

Alicja McIntyre – Learning and Tutor Services Manager

Alicja is a primary contact for tutors and parents. She matches superb organisational skill with great curriculum knowledge and a real knack for matching our tutors to prospective pupils. Alicja has been matching tutors with students to maximise learning for over ten years.

Joanne Baird – Learning & Tutor Services Manager

Joanne is a primary contact point for parents and tutors with 26 years of commercial experience in the Learning & Development field. During that time, Joanne was responsible for training and coaching commercial media professionals and senior managers. Joanne works across the ET tutoring business and is responsible for selecting the best tutors from applicants, and so has a very good instinct when matching tutors with students to achieve the best results.

Joanne is a company child safety contact and successfully completed the NSPCC course Child Protection for Tutors (CPD certified) in May 2022.

Eamonn Byrne – Director

Eamonn is a former Director and Deputy Director-General of the World Association of Newspapers based in Paris France and is also a founder and former Director of the internationally recognised The Media Skills Development Programme (MSQ) and The Byrne Partners Ltd, a global media learning and development consultancy. He is actively involved in the delivery of Learning and Development Programmes across the world.

You can listen to his most recent interview with the BBC regarding AI and the impact on the Education Business Sector here: BBC SCOTLAND MAY 2023

Code of Practice including our Safeguarding Policy

Download – Code of Practice for Edinburgh Tutors, Glasgow Tutors, Tutors in Aberdeen Scotland Tutors (Edinburgh tutors Ltd) 24/0/2022

We are members of the Tutor Association of Great Britain. Our responsibilities include adherence to a code of practice adapted from the TTA code of practice. We enthusiastically support best practices in the tutoring sector and especially safeguarding policy relating to all our stakeholders

If you have any questions, please read over our list of Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us with your specific queries. Want to talk over what kind of tuition plan might work best and with no obligation or pressure?
Fill in the contact form contact us or call Alicja on 01315161811

Want to become a tutor with us? Visit our tutor enquiry page or contact Alicja at 01315161811

Registrar of Companies (Scotland)
SC339201 – Incorporated in Scotland on 8 March 2008
Maisondieu, Roxburghshire, Scotland TD5 8JW


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