Students say

Hi Edlira, I’m sorry I didn’t let you know
before, I’ve been sorting out all of the
uni stuff. I got an A in chemistry! And
I wanted to thank you for all the help
throughout the year! I hope your summer is
going well, Cenk

Also, I got into Manchester uni!


Hi Edlira,
I got my exam results and I got and A!!!
In both chemistry and biology!
I am really, really happy with my results
and need to celebrate!
Thank you so much for your consistent
support and help over the last year, you really worked wonders to help me get the
the result I was hoping for!
Thank you so much!
Best wishes,


I felt very confident after a few lessons with my tutor. I am very glad I had this chance to work and learn and without my tutor I would not have gained a solid 3.


My tutor was kind, friendly, very patient and helped me by setting homework that was thought-provoking and structured to strengthen my weaknesses: in particular, with timed essays. I would have no hesitation in recommending Edinburgh Tutors to my friends and other students.


I feel that the tuition I received was the main reason I was able to obtain a grade A in the final exam. Last year I got a C, and my tutor made me realise that I am capable of achieving much more.


My tutor is always friendly and makes the two hours a week as interesting as possible.


My tutor was extremely helpful and understanding, and as a result I felt that I was improving with every session.


I found the extra exercises and worksheets really boosted my confidence, while any mistakes I made were carefully explained.


Hi Joanne, hope you are well!
Just to let you know that I am officially done with tutoring lessons for the foreseen future. Thank you so much I’m very happy with how it has gone so far with chemistry and English I couldn’t expect anything better it was really enjoyable, and it really helped me get the boost I needed to achieve my goals! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asked me. I hope you have an amazing life! I might get in contact with you again next year if I need anything! Bye.

Thank you
Heeba (student)


I have to say Cameron has been an amazing support to Gxxxxxx and has really been there for her this year.  I would wholeheartedly recommend him to future parents. I was just wondering if you have tutors that support Advanced Maths, Gracie is taking this in 6th year and we were thinking about a tutor for her.



Just wanted to say thank you to both you and Paulina.
We are hoping Mxxxx has got through Nat5 maths with a better grade now. Wish we had got in touch earlier however the work they both put in still made a world of difference!


(I) Meant to say  Fran was excellent and  made learning  fun –  wish all teachers were like  Fran
Kind regards


–  Lucy has been the most amazing tutor for Cxxxxxx.. I realise that she has just completed her last lesson. I dId not get organised to give her a small gift.


Parents say

Just wanted to say thank you to Joanne for arranging my daughters chemistry tuition so quickly . I would definitely recommend Alvaro to anyone who is looking for help with their chemistry studies. My daughters class have been without a teacher since January , so I needed someone who could help her as the Higher Chemistry exam and Alvaro did this perfectly . Even after her first lesson she seemed to have a more positive approach and we have Alvaro to thank for this. I will definitely be recommending Glasgow Tutors to my friends .


Thank you for your service in providing a tutor for my child. She has grown in confidence and has had much improvement in her outcomes in her English prelims. The service has met the need and we feel that Sarah is now able to achieve her goals under her own guidance.
Thank you again, we are delighted with your service.


Hi ALicja, I hope you are well?  Just to let you know Nina’s maths exam is the 4th of May and her session with Ceilidh that week will be her last one, fingers crossed!
Ceilidh has been amazing as a tutor and I cannot recommend her highly enough, thank you.



Maria is a brilliant modern studies tutor. I cannot recommend her enough. She has significantly improved my daughter’s knowledge and ability to apply this to the subject. Superb communications at all times. Consider no one else for your tutor in this subject. JB.

JB - Edinburgh

I’ve been really impressed with Joanne who matched an excellent tutor for Oscar. Joanne was very professional, helpful, friendly and really knew her stuff. Oscars tutor Jessie has been amazing, she really engaged with him and got him back on track already. She follows up with lesson slides etc straight away and is always very positive and encouraging! I’ve been really impressed with your company.
Thanks again and please pass on my thanks to everyone.
Kind regards,

Ed R*******

Edward R

Knew as soon as we spoke to Joanne that we were in excellent hands. She reassured us and linked us up with Steven, who very professionally supported our son towards a good grade in N5 Maths, helping him to realise his dream degree course entrance. Cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend your tutoring company.


Communication with Edinburgh Tutors was excellent from our first approach and due to distance we organised Skype Advanced Higher Chemistry sessions with Adam. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and always punctual. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service.


Lana was an amazing biology tutor. Engaged my daughter from the start in a subject which my daughter found extremely challenging and covered all of the N5 coursework in an efficient and logical manner. My daughter has dyslexia and dyscalculia but Lana adapted her teaching style to suit without any issues. No hesitation in awarding 5 stars!

Heather O'Neill

Very friendly and had a good understanding of what our son needed to concentrate on and the tutoring helped with his English exam.

William Shields

My son’s tutor has been amazing. He has been such a great support for my son and his confidence has improved a great deal since having tutoring. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Joe was a friendly and efficient tutor for Chemistry, resulting in a good pass. He developed a good relationship with my son, and was very encouraging and supportive.

I Kendall

Robbie has been our daughter’s tutor for the past 10 months, working on reading and maths at P3 level. Robbie is always making learning interesting and fun and provides feedback after every session, as well as recommendations on worthwhile books to purchase.


Firstly Alicja, I must thank you for all your help with providing tutors to help Martha over the last couple of years. They have all been such a great help to her, and she did very well in her GCSE’s. She has contacted them all individually to thank them for their help, and she became very fond of them.

Susie, Edinburgh

Just getting back in touch to say that Tom achieved a ‘B’ pass in his Geography, up from a ‘D’ in his prelim, and all due I’m sure to Ferdia’s excellent work! He has emailed her to let her know, and that he is therefore into Glasgow to study Zoology, after a gap year. We are all delighted!

Jane, Edinburgh

Craig is an excellent tutor and a very nice person as well. I saw a difference in Jennifer from the first lesson. She is already much more confident about her English.


The two tutors we had were great and both of our children felt they had benefitted a lot from having the one to one sessions. Each of the tutors were friendly, helpful and were good at explaining the subject clearly. Thanks for your help!


Thank you. Both Tutors (Modern Studies and Spanish) were excellent.

D Devine

We are delighted with the service, Thomas is superb, inspirational and Grace really looks forward to working with him.
I would be delighted to support you and the Team in any way I can, and will not hesitate to recommend you to colleagues, families and friends.


I have tried to find a good tutor to help my daughter prepare for the upcoming exams and was losing faith until I spoke with Alicia. Alicja was very helpful, polite and professional and from the first point of contact listened to my needs. My daughter has been taking regular classes with Esme and has found the help and tutoring very beneficial so much so that we have discussed the possibility of continuing the classes through to the highers. The additional assistance is value for money and my daughter is so much more confident and better prepared for the exams. Thank you Alicja and Esme I definitely would recommend you regards James


We dropped a delighted and very excited Munro to Edinburgh Napier Uni at the weekend. Can’t tell you how happy a day that was and what a turnaround from last year. Thanks for your congratulations and good wishes for Munro (passed on) and very best to you all at the company, you and Steven especially, and we will be recommending you to everyone!


Dear Alicja,

I’m writing to let you know that when E**** sits his Higher Modern Studies exam scheduled for Thursday 18th May he will no longer require tutoring.  Kevin ****** has been an excellent tutor and we are very grateful to you for placing him with Euan.



Good evening Alicja Just a note to confirm that tonight was Maddy’s last session. She has really enjoyed Eilis’ tuition and has taken a lot from each session, she is in a confident mindset now for her exam tomorrow-so fingers are crossed ! Please pass on our thanks to Eilis for her time and very obvious expertise .


I’m just emailing to let you know that Ailie will no longer require Business Management tuition from Kirsty *********- her exam is tomorrow.

I would just like to say Kirsty has been amazing with Ailie in so many ways and I can’t thank you enough for matching them together. Ailie has been out of school for over a year and with only one hour’s tuition a week, Ailie is tracked to get an A in her Nat 5 as a result of Kirsty’s knowledge and teaching style. Kirsty has made lessons fun and engaging but has also helped to build Ailie’s confidence and has formed a genuine connection at a time that has been so difficult for Ailie. Thank you so much. Regards



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