Learn how to study more effectively

The Study Skills Programme is designed for students who find it harder to organise and implement effective study

Register for the Study Skills Programme if you need to better organise the workload of single and multiple subjects. Gain confidence as you experience the workload becoming manageable and your study less stressful and more effective.

It’s more than just a set of study tools

Your own assigned tutor will ensure that you turn ideas and commitments into actions and give you the guidance and support to do it right and keep it up. Learn more from our Study Skills Programme presentation.

Learn how to study effectively and attain the results you need

You’ll address your study problems with solutions that suit your personality and learning style. Not your teacher’s. Not your friend’s. Yours. And you’ll get support every week to adjust anything that is not working for you.

5 Ingredients for Success

Proven techniques
Individual solutions
Sustained support
Tutors who have done it themselves and achieved their goals

Learn how to study more effectively

Do you recognise any of these issues that hinder exam preparation and success?

Students say;

“I know I can do it easily in class, but it’s hard to get organised for revision and exams.”

“I need to get the best exam grades, but I still want a social life.”

“Where do I start? How can I make this work?”

“I’m overwhelmed and not far away from outright panic.”

“I really want good exam grades, but I’ve got a million other things to do.”

“Study and revision plans just don’t work for me, so what can I do?”

“Those mock results weren’t what I expected. What am I going to do between now and May?”

“I’m smart and hard-working, but I want to get organised in the best and most effective way possible.”

Learning how to study is a skill, like playing a musical instrument or kicking penalties. Like those other skills, you don’t learn how to do them by accident, osmosis, divine inspiration, or a quick lecture on study and revision plans one random afternoon.

You do it by learning what the techniques are and practicing them with someone who knows how to do them until they come naturally to you.

We can quickly teach you how to study well; we can do it so it works for you, not for your friend or the rest of the class. And we can do it so it sticks.

Imagine. No panic. Just the low-key adrenaline levels that keep you focused but not paralysed. Feeling on top of what you are doing instead of overwhelmed by it. Using time efficiently instead of wasting it Perhaps even a smile, because you know deep down that you really have done your best and achieved the best that you are capable of. Imagine that?

The Study Skills Programme delivers a support package that gives you:

  • Your own organised study plan for your exam subjects
  • Ongoing practical help to cure your weaknesses
  • Enough accountability to keep you doing the good stuff until it becomes a habit.
  • Encouragement and ideas when it’s not going so well

The process is in three main stages of one to one video link sessions;

  1. The introductory webinar outlines in detail the programme the principles and sets the expectations
  2. An individual tutorial to agree specific actions and deliverables
  3. Followed by 6 mentoring and reporting sessions where accountabilities are reviewed, progress checked and adjustments agreed where required.
The image is designed to explain the process of developing study skills and revision skills

The Study Skills Process

Outside of the formal delivery of 8 sessions students may receive additional levels of continued support by agreement with their mentor/tutor

Check out the video below to understand more detail of this practical and supported programme

Only £240 for 8 weeks coaching.

An introductory webinar and 7 weeks one to one coaching at a time that suits you

To register, fill in this form and Alicja McIntyre will contact you to answer any queries and complete your registration.


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