This year become a tutor with us, earn good money, improve your CV and help a new generation of Scottish School Students to improve confidence and grades.

We are looking for bright, friendly students and graduates to tutor children one-to-one in-home and online.

If you are new to tutoring as a self-employed undergraduate, then it’s a pretty simple way to turn your hard-earned academic achievements into very good money and make a real difference to the next generation of high school youngsters with academic ambitions.

80% of our most successful tutors are undergraduates. For example, we currently work with, 74 at Edinburgh University and 50 plus at Glasgow University as well as Aberdeen and St Andrews Universities (as of September the start of the academic year).

Our clients are looking for tuition to Scottish SQA Highers and Standard Grades or the English equivalents. Primary-level tuition is increasingly in demand.

Students can tutor for up to six hours a week (if you are a busy undergraduate we don’t recommend more), the pay is good, and reflects the tutor’s experience it is always much higher and never less than 170% of NMW rates (.gov wage rates 2023) If you enjoy passing on knowledge and skills, this is a rewarding and enjoyable way to earn good money.

We also seek qualified teachers and academics, who often command higher fees.

We need you to;

  • have at least an A at Scottish Higher or equivalent in the subject(s) you wish to tutor
  • commit to having, or achieving, a sound knowledge of the appropriate curriculum
  • be bright, reliable, flexible and committed
  • be honest
  • commit to the subcontractor contract between us, part of which is agreeing to abide by our ET code of practice
  • and prepared to see through any tutoring commitments (barring disasters)
  • and in general, be a good all-around person 🙂

In return, you will;

  • work directly with our clients as a self-employed subcontractor of Edinburgh Tutors Ltd
  • be paid, well above and no less than 170% of national wage rates
  • Invoice us for the work you have done at the end of each calendar month
  • be paid on time, directly into your bank account irrespective of the payment status of the client
  • work one-to-one online with pre-interviewed clients using a good connection via your favourite video app (Zoom and Google Meets are current favourites) or, if it suits both you and the tutee, tutor face-to-face with the tutee in their home or an agreed safe venue (a local library for example)
  • agree to abide by your agreement with us including data privacy and code of practice policies you can download additional copies here:

Work with a local Scottish company with twenty years of experience in the sector to earn good money, safely with hours that suit. If this sounds interesting, use the contact form below or email alicja@edinburgh-tutors.co.uk and attach your CV.

Include this information:

Header – Tutoring enquiry

Very brief description of your subject(s) expertise
Attach your latest CV

Alicja McIntyre or Joanne Baird will respond to arrange a one-to-one online interview.

*Current rates as of April 1 2023 Government wage rates link


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