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For twenty years, our tutors have delivered success based on three fundamental pillars:


A ‘wide and deep understanding of the syllabus content, is of course the first requirement. Knowledge gaps or a lack of understanding, not only put students at risk in exams but also impact negatively on general confidence in the subject.

Study Skills

The knowledge and skill to organise, prioritise and plan study. Even very smart students can find themselves overwhelmed by the subject and the syllabus, leading to panic, a collapse in confidence and poor results.

Exam Technique

How to answer the questions fully, concisely, to the point and in a way that immediately resonates and pleases the examiners. Top achievers are practised at acing exams, it’s a skill that comes from practice and knowledge.

Tuition is based on the individual needs of each pupil, and a tailored mix of the three pillars designed to meet those needs forms the basis of tuition. For example, some students will need to concentrate on improving exam performance, others will need help organising revision and study or in some cases help with elements of the syllabus will also be required.  The right mix will be unique to each individual student.

We understand these 3 pillars of success, and our tutors are selected to be able to deliver tuition and guidance to optimise exam results. Contact us for a free and informal consultation, if we can help we will if we can’t, we’ll say so.

Edinburgh Tutors – Know how the English syllabus is designed and what examiners are looking for.

The English syllabus delivers fundamental skills developed throughout a student’s school life. As a consequence, English Tuition is one of our most popular and sought after subjects. The abilities developed and enhanced are also highly transferable; skills such as critical thinking, writing technique, text-based analysis and oral communication are a requirement for numerous other academic disciplines including the Sciences. Our English Tutors, are committed to nurturing the individual needs and so the development of each student in accordance with the requirements of their particular programme or level of study.


One of the key aims of English Tuition is to support text-based practises, as students are expected to read and respond thoughtfully and critically to written texts of various lengths. Stimulus material is usually explored in many forms, including fictional works of poetry, prose and drama, non-fictional persuasive and discursive articles, films and other media. Learning about the context and purpose of a work is as important as discovering more about the linguistic and structural techniques used. English Tutors can practise textual analysis with students by focusing on particular sections of a set text or close reading, provoking insight through discussion and targeting difficult passages or concepts. This is a unique opportunity for students to practise in-depth analysis, and the expertise of an English Tutor can be the gateway to a more thorough knowledge of literary history and method.


Another aspect of English Tuition is enhancing the students’ writing skills, such as proofreading coursework and setting independent writing tasks. For critical essays, the ability to form a structured and coherent argument based on the interpretations drawn from textual analysis is essential for success, and English Tutors may use a variety of practical tasks to break down and practise this type of writing. Many students are also required to produce their own creative writing folio. The process of formulating and channelling creative ideas can be supported by a well-trained pair of eyes. Our Tutors help students to produce fluent and communicative writing that clearly conveys information and has the ability to engage, persuade and capture an audience.


The third key area of concern for many students is the oral discussion required of them in class, and presentations that must be prepared and executed. The personal encouragement and support of English Tuition can be invaluable in building the confidence of students who are nervous about expressing their ideas in front of others. Practising verbal response skills through one-to-one tuition can improve oral communication to become more coherent and articulate. Our Tutors also help in the preparation and rehearsal of larger class presentations and may practise interviewing, so the student is able to respond to questions promptly and astutely.

In addition to developing these rigorous academic skills, an Edinburgh Tutors English Tutor can also foster enthusiasm and enjoyment for literature, prompting students to explore their own personal reading and writing interests, and building their confidence. English Tuition provides a foundation of support from which life-long skills of self-expression and communication can be flourished.

The Edinburgh Tutors personal tuition service includes all SQA syllabus exam subjects and levels of tuition

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