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For twenty years have delivered success based on three fundamental pillars:


A ‘wide and deep understanding of the syllabus content, is of course the first requirement. Knowledge gaps or a lack of understanding, not only put students at risk in exams but also impact negatively on general confidence in the subject.

Study Skills

The knowledge and skill to organise, prioritise and plan study. Even very smart students can find themselves overwhelmed by the subject and the syllabus, leading to panic, a collapse in confidence and poor results.

Exam Technique

How to answer the questions fully, concisely, to the point and in a way that immediately resonates and pleases the examiners. Top achievers are practised at acing exams, it’s a skill that comes from practice and knowledge.

Tuition is based on the individual needs of each pupil, and a tailored mix of the three pillars designed to meet those needs forms the basis of tuition. For example, some students will need to concentrate on improving exam performance, others will need help organising revision and study or in some cases help with elements of the syllabus will also be required.  The right mix will be unique to each individual student.

History Tuition – How and why  Scotland Tutors can make a difference

Through studying past societies, history aims to teach pupils more about the world in which they live, the nature of change, and how shaping forces such as the economy and politics have affected both British and International development. An Edinburgh Tutor aims to capture the imagination and interest of students to encourage fresh cultural perspective and a careful examination of previous generations. Students should discover more about their own identities as members of local, national and world communities, putting modern dilemmas into perspective by considering how similar problems have been dealt with before. Three characteristics of historical study form the basis of learning: Heritage, Change and Continuity, and Cause and Effect. Within this, three characteristics of historical methodology are entailed: Evidence, Debate, and Imaginative Understanding. A History tutor uses these forms of analysis to foster independent and critical thinking in students, supporting their classwork and stretching them further.

History Tuition Objectives

The aims of History tuition include understanding and evaluating change and continuity, detecting historical bias, and debating and empathising with various perspectives. Often students will be introduced to the changing life of Britain using various types of evidence to discover more about their membership in a democratic industrial society. Other units of study include International Cooperation and Conflict, using international agreements and propaganda to explore the relationships between countries. Building on this, pupils may also focus on a particular country in context, to see how struggles for political dominance have enforced or altered traditions and values. A good History tutor will be experienced in dealing with both broad concepts and specific issues, and will be able to work with each student on their particular units to shed light and understanding on complex and challenging topics.

As Students Progress

As students progress, they are expected to research and analyse in more depth, structuring reasoned argumentation that reflects critical thought and careful evaluation of sources. History tuition fosters democratic and tolerant attitudes in discussion and debate so that students reach well-grounded, balanced conclusions. British and International topics are largely assessed through examination, and the stressful process of selecting and revising appropriate classwork can be alleviated by an Edinburgh Tutors, History tutor, who is well-trained in exam preparation and can help students practise structuring and writing answers to long response questions. Tuition can also be helpful in the planning, writing and redrafting stages of longer pieces of course work, such as an Extended Essay, which can be a challenging and daunting new step.

University Level

When students reach the pre-University level, they have the opportunity to carry out a piece of individual research based on one Field of Study. At this stage, candidates are expected to independently investigate and analyse complex events and sources, drawing together intelligent conclusions based on their findings. An Edinburgh-Tutors History tutor can help with the interpretation of wide-ranging primary and secondary sources, encouraging students in dissertation work by reviewing sections and using examples to inspire and stimulate brainstorming. History tuition aims to encourage individuals to aim high in this enormously significant discipline, developing initiative and personal enrichment that will outlast their school career.

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