Primary School Tutors

Tuition is based on the individual needs of each pupil, and a tailored mix of the three pillars designed to meet those needs forms the basis of tuition. For example, some students will need to concentrate on improving exam performance, others will need help organising revision and study or in some cases help with elements of the syllabus will also be required.  The right mix will be unique to each individual student.


A ‘wide and deep understanding of the syllabus content, is of course the first requirement. Knowledge gaps or a lack of understanding, not only put students at risk in exams but also impact negatively on general confidence in the subject.

Study Skills

The knowledge and skill to organise, prioritise and plan study. Even very smart students can find themselves overwhelmed by the subject and the syllabus, leading to panic, a collapse in confidence and poor results.

Exam Technique

How to answer the questions fully, concisely, to the point and in a way that immediately resonates and pleases the examiners. Top achievers are practised at acing exams, it’s a skill that comes from practice and knowledge.

Why Primary School Tuition for your child?

For Edinburgh Tutors and its sister service in Glasgow and Aberdeen, Primary School Tuition is the faster-growing category of private tuition in Scotland.

We have identified several reasons for this trend;

  1. A response to the special measures employed during the crisis period of the pandemic, where many parents felt that primary provision at that time was patchy with often mixed and sometimes poor results.
  2. An understanding that building confidence in the early school years leads to better study skills development, improved exam success and greater choice later in school and higher education.
  3. Increased competition and testing in schools.
  4. A response to the government’s emphasis, which begins in primary education, to the more challenging STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.
  5. Access to independent secondary school places
  6. Primary children who get ahead early tend to stay ahead of the education curve

Tutors play a key role in answering these concerns Young students are helped to develop best practices and so build confidence early in their school journey.  This boosted start helps the child realise their full potential in the core primary subjects of Literacy and Numeracy.

Tutors build confidence and ability in Literacy and Numeracy

At the core of Primary Education, Literacy and Numeracy continue to dominate the syllabus
Literacy is fundamental to all areas of learning, as it unlocks access to the wider curriculum. Numeracy and maths provide the foundation for the rest of STEM and digital skills, as well as being important in their own right.

The Edinburgh Tutors personal tuition service includes all SQA syllabus subjects including Primary School and  all levels of tuition

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